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About Us, Masjid Al Sabireen
All praise belong to Allah (SWT). We thank Him and seek His forgiveness. Whomever Allah (SWT) guides cannot
be misguided and whomever Allah (SWT) has misguided, no one can guide. We bear witness that no one is
worthy of worship except Allah (SWT) and we bear witness that Prophet Muhamed (SAW) is His messenger.

How We Started
In the early 1990s, there were no masjid in the 40 miles radius of Reading Pennsylvania despite the fact that
there were large number of Muslims in the area. Muslims grouped together to pray Jumah in private houses and
rented spaces prior to the establishment of the Islamic Center of Reading in 1993. The Muslim community
continued to see tremendous growth resulting in many expansions of the center. Despite the expansions, the
continued growth of the community out-paced the available space at the center. In October 2010, the Islamic
Society of Berks County was formed by a gathering of the community primarily to build or purchase
infrastructure for a second Masjid. Individualized private fund-raising / pledges was established.

Masjid Al Sabireen
The search for land or property for the Masjid was a very tedious one. The goal was to find land or building in
Wyomissing, Spring Township, Sinking Spring, Mohnton and Reading area. After lots of rejections and at the
point of concluding that the establishment of the second Masjid may not happen, the United Westly Methodist
Church in the historic district or Reading PA was put up for sale in April 2013. We were promptly notified by one
of our realtors and quickly made an offer. It is an 18,000 square feet property with lots of amenities and a
secured parking lot capable of holding thirty seven (37) vehicles. The property came into the market right after
our informal zoning request for another property in Sinking Spring was rejected after many years of efforts to
obtain the owner’s approval for no particular reason other than the prevention of an Islamic institution in the
center of town. After lots of negotiations, the Westly United Methodist Church was officially purchased and
settled on May 31, 2013 and renovation followed immediately.

The Renovation
Our biggest strength is the support of Allah (SWT) and the wonderful volunteers we are blessed with. We were
faced with an enormous challenge of converting an historical one hundred and nine (109) year old church into a
Masjid of Allah. The church was adorned with a grand alter, figured stain glasses in every window, damaged
walls, floors, ceilings and hundreds of pews that we had no use for. We started the renovation by holding
community meetings that decided usage of different parts of the building, paint colors scheme among other
things. Tens of volunteers showed up every-day to make the renovation of all parts of the building a success.
Figured stained windows were removed and replaced with light penetrating glasses that enhances the lighting
profile especially of the main prayer hall. New porcelain tiles installed in the banquet hall and all over the
basement. The renovation progressed rapidly and was completed in about eleven months. The Masjid was
officially opened on April 19, 2014 with all sections renovated. It was a grand event. Alhamdullah. The
renovation highlighted the hidden Islamic architecture of the original church from dome designed grand hall to
door plates and beautiful window frame designs. The Masjid name (Masjid Al Sabireen) was selected from lots
of names submitted by the community.

When the Kalima Replaced the Cross
The grand alter in the former church included an imposing twenty feet cross that greeted visitors and
worshippers. Towards the end of the renovation, we needed to find a befitting replacement that not only
remove the cross but also expresses our core belief and represent what this Masjid is about. We found nothing
more profound than the Kalima Tayibba. To make this happen, Faraz Khan Studio was commissioned to design
and hand carved a large calligraphy of the Kalima to replace the cross. The installation of the Kalima was the
biggest highlight on the renovation project. Our volunteers were filled with joy and excitement. They could not
wait their turn to get on a 50 feet scaffolding to erect the Kalima piece by piece.


How About Allah Name on our

On one of his visits towards the end of the Masjid renovation, brother Faraz Khan discussed the Masjid architecture. He looked at the main prayer hall window frames and saw the possibility of writing “Allah” on the windows. Here is the rest of the story:

Figure 1: Kalima Tayyiba in the main prayer hall

Figure 1: Kalima Tayyiba in the main
prayer hall

Figure 2: “Allah” written on all the six main prayer hall window frames

To Allah Belong the Glory and Thanks 
This is a short summary of our story. We could not have done any of these without Allah support and the
support of our dedicated volunteers. We pray that Allah thank them with Janah. Allah gave us a beautiful
Masjid. We replaced the cross with Kalima Tayyiba. We are a young growing community focused on the Quran
and Sunna of Prophet Muhamed (SAW) in the principle of Ahlu Sunnah duah. May Allah reward you.







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